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If he were a super hero, he’d be
"Bug Boy with the Power to Annoy.”
That’s what his big sister says.

Mom says he’s wiggly and can’t sit still.
Dad says he’s easily distracted.
At school, he’d rather draw pigs riding in

roller coasters than do math problems.

On this day, Bug’s “choices” have landed

him in a heap of trouble, so now he’s writing
a list of what not to do – his list of don’ts.


DON'T be late

for the bus.
(You’ll have to sit next

to that know-it-all Abner!)

DON'T be nice to

Peggy Pinkerton.
(She'll want to kiss you!)

DON'T trade a cookie

for  a  flax-seed muffin.
(It won't taste like cotton candy.)

Bug's list is very long.

Will it help him 

stay out of trouble?

DON'T  count on it!

And whatever happens:

DON'T  tell Mom!

Laugh-out-loud- text and hilarious, stylized illustrations...

Easily distractible but well-meaning children everywhere will find a kindred spirit in Bug!


The narrative list format and inviting language is appealing and would be great for reluctant readers.

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